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Gala Estate Vineyard

About Us

Our Family have been living and loving this land for 200 years. We breathe the world’s cleanest air and are surrounded by 4 wild rivers and five private forest reserves.

This pristine environment and our connection to the land allows us to consistently make some of Tasmania’s finest Pinot Noir.

Meet the Family

Gala Estate Family

Bob, Naoimh (Neve), Pat (nee Amos), Adam, Grainne (Gronya), Eimear and Auley.  We are the 5th, 6th and 7th generation of Amos decendents still living and working this original land grant. We are recognised as the second oldest family business in Tasmania.

Our History - The Millers Flour Store

The Mill Cottage Gala History

In 1821 brothers Adam (44) and John Amos (47) fled Galashiels in Scotland and settled here in Cranbrook on the East Coast of Tasmania. The pioneering family set out to build a better life for themselves bringing cattle, sheep, pigs, wheat, barley and even the seed for the oak tree in our front garden.

In 1822 Adam was appointed Chief District Constable and this further increased his work load. He was expected to arrest runaway convicts and sheep-stealers, to muster all the convict servants in the district weekly and to ensure the settlers confined their stock to their allotted land grant.

Meanwhile John, a clever artisan, was always in high demand as a talented wheel-wright and builder. The families worked tirelessly, surviving in this hot and harsh landscape, clearing the land and learning how to become self-sufficient. It soon became apparent that to endure these harsh conditions, grains would need to be cultivated for food supply. Growing wheat for flour became the main crop for trading locally and later suppling flour for the gold rush in the 1850’s.

Our Winemaker

Gala Estate Family

Glenn James has forgotten more about winemaking than most will ever know. The born and bred Kiwi, hailing from Christchurch, followed his passion for science and horticulture to Roseworthy College in South Australia, where he completed his degree in Viticulture and Oenology in 1991. Glenn moved to the agricultural region of the Riverland and started his winemaking career at Kingston Estate Wines under Hardy's until 1996.

Glenn relocated to Penfolds, Nuriootpa, where he moved into the position of senior winemaker and winery manager. When Penfolds was bought by Fosters Group, Glenn was moved to Wolf Blass. During his time in corporate winemaking, Glenn was a regular judge both locally and overseas.

Glenn's next big adventure is down in Tasmania. After moving down south and starting work at Winemaking Tasmania in 2014, he has become chief winemaker. With a focus on smallbatch, cool climate contract work for owners of vineyards, Glenn has thrived. Since becoming chief winemaker, he has given the winery a facelift, alongside CEO Jonathan Lord, and transformed winemaking practices. The labels currently under Winemaking Tasmania have been fortunate in wine shows in Tasmania and Hobart, due to the care taken in the winemaking process along with the quality of grapes supplied.

Our Vineyard

vineyard photo

Having lived on this land for almost 200 years, let’s just say we know a little bit about this place! With its beautiful cool climate, Tasmania is one of the greatest wine growing regions in the world. We understand this soil, the climate and nature. We listen to the land and give back to it. The vineyard has been an important part of sustainability on the farm .We have selected the very best vineyard site on our 4000 property. Steep, rocky ironstone with north-facing hills.  Our viticulturist Marty Smith keeps an eye on vine health and Vineyard Supervisor Ricky Burrows meticultiously tends to every tendril with a little help from our woolly 4 legged friends.

We strive to grow the finest fruit in Tasmania and then pick it on the very day the vines tell us to!

Meet The Sheep

meet the Gala sheep

Sheep have always been a significant part of what we do here at Gala. We currently run 10,000 sheep on our property.

The sheep are Multi Purpose Merino, meaning plain-bodied animals that produce super fine wool and meat. We breed these sheep to be big plain-bodied animals and without the typical merino wrinkle. The benefit of no wrinkle means they don’t need to be mulesed, an operation that removes folds of skin around the sheep’s bottom where fly larvae settle and infest. This is great for sheep, and means we are ethically caring for them. They grow super long wool, with tear-resistant qualities. Our wool  needs to be shorn every 8 months. The garment makers love our wool and they quickly snap it up at the market for under-garments eg., companies like Ortovox. At our cellar door we have a selection of sheepskins that are 18 micron merino wool. These fleece are second to none!  We also send wool to Waverley Woollen Mills in Launceston and they make beautiful throw rugs that are available at the cellar door or for online purchase.

These little fellas double up as mobile pruning and fertilising units for the vineyard. We just need to make sure the gates are closed during the fruiting season or it will be pinot infused lamb next year instead!

Our Farm

Gala Estate river

We love where we live, the four wild rivers, the five Private Forest Reserves, all 4000ha of it. This is our playground our home!  We are blessed by this beautiful place. As caretakers of this land we strive to protect the environment and give back to the land.  Not only do we run sheep, grow grapes but we also grow vegetable seed crop, mainly carrot seed. Cranbrook, is hot and dry and isolated allowing us to be free from diseases found in many other areas. We grow our carrot seed under big pivot irrigators so we can best utilise our water resources.

It is really important that our farming family are innovators, thinking outside the box and striving for excellence in all that we do as our business continues to grow.