Our Family have been living and loving this land for 200 years.

We breathe the world’s cleanest air and are surrounded by 4 wild rivers and five private forest reserves.

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Our History

The Millers Flour Store

In 1821 brothers Adam (44) and John Amos (47) fled Galashiels in Scotland and settled here in Cranbrook on the East Coast of Tasmania. The pioneering family set out to build a better life for themselves bringing cattle, sheep, pigs, wheat, barley and even the seed for the oak tree in our front garden.

In 1822 Adam was appointed Chief District Constable and this further increased his workload. He was expected to arrest runaway convicts and sheep-stealers, to muster all the convict servants in the district weekly and to ensure the settlers confined their stock to their allotted land grant.

Meanwhile, John, a clever artisan, was always in high demand as a talented wheel-wright and builder. The families worked tirelessly, surviving in this hot and harsh landscape, clearing the land and learning how to become self-sufficient. It soon became apparent that to endure these harsh conditions, grains would need to be cultivated for food supply. Growing wheat for flour became the main crop for trading locally and later supplying flour for the gold rush in the 1850s.

Meet the Family

Bob, Naoimh (Neve), Pat (nee Amos), Adam, Grainne (Gronya), Eimear and Auley. We are the 5th, 6th and 7th generation of Amos descendants still living and working on this original land grant. We are recognised as the second oldest family business in Tasmania.

About our Vineyard, Winemaker and Farm

This pristine environment and our connection to the land allows us to consistently make some of
Tasmania’s finest Pinot Noir.

Our Vineyard & Winemaker Our Vineyard & Winemaker

Our Vineyard & Winemaker

Our Farm Our Farm

Our Farm